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How To Earn Passive Income (Asian Version)

It’s how you deal with failure that determines how you achieve success.

— David Feherty.

Hi guys, working 9-5 jobs is hard especially if its your only source of income. And almost every time, its not enough.

So here, will list down what are the best way to earn passive income (the Asian version).

What are the ways for a better future?

Here are the ways to make passive income even if you have 9-to-5 job. I know its never easy, and never will so we must’ve strive harder and think of more ways to earn.

Creating a mobile app

Making mobile app and deploying it to app store or play store can earn you passive income. Believe me there are ways, first is running mobile ads to your app. Another way is selling premium features of your app, but one thing is for sure — once the app’s deployed it will be like a cash cow sending you money.

Spreading links across the internet with your affiliate url is one way to earn money. By spreading your affiliate url, you earn commission for every user that would buy a product. This needs good marketing strategy, in order to earn more money in minimum amount of time.

Making Youtube videos

Many vloggers right now in YouTube are earning money from the videos they make. Post a video wait for viewers to view your content then instant money. But there is a threshold before you can earn money from this and mostly you have a lot of competitor. But sincerely its one of the best passive income generator.

Make a blog

Earning through a blog may take years, but it pays off when you have lot of readers. Also may take time before you get big. So start now! One of the ways you could earn money from it is sharing your affiliate link and giving reviews. As well as accepting ads or earning revenues from ads. If you don’t want to start from scratch you could buy a blog.

Creating online course materials and webinar

Online course is booming since 2015, and its expected to grow more. This is the best way to earn passive income, just create a content you want to teach and deploy it multiple times in sites like Udemy and Teachable. Once all your resources done, all you need to do is relax and wait for it to earn money. Similar to webinar, schedule webinar and deploy your pre-made course every now and then.

Creating e-books

With the increasing popularity of digital books, its now considered as one way to earn passive income. Authors now bypass publishers when publishing their own books. You could check out my article on using ascii doctor to create an e-book using opensource tools here. Selling those ebooks in sites like Amazon KDP, other way is sell it on your own store.

Selling photos

Photographs, selling photographs that has deep meaning or has an artistic side could earn you some bucks. Posting it to stock photos site like Pexel as many companies or individual that are searching for the right photo.

Becoming an early stage

One word risky, investing in early stage startup has many pros and cons. Being a seed investor gets you a lot of perks as you can join the startup and promote it. But one thing you should only invest in a startup you believe in.

Buying bluechip

Buying stocks is one of the best way to earn passive incomes, but you gotta have years of patience waiting for it to grow. Also picking the right stocks to invest could make you a millionair in just 5-8 years. Investing into it needs also large sum of money to gain large position increase.


In this day of age, there are ways now to earn passive income. Probably not so passive but still you’ll only need to put 20% and earn 80% from it. This posts will get updates from time to time as it is still incomplete. Stay tune for more updates.

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