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Month: February 2022

Bitcoin (BTC) Going Up? Its Shows Signs Of An Uptrend

With Bitcoin striving to put the current market downturn behind it, historical data suggests that the asset is on the verge of completing the development of a positive momentum.

According to statistics released by cryptocurrency on-chain analytical platform Sentiment, Bitcoin is currently mimicking the trading pattern seen over the last year, in which the commodity had a boom in trading activity following a dip in value.

Moments of lower trading volume have appealed to bulls, indicating a likely upward reversal despite less interest among ordinary investors.

Bitcoin’s four-hour chart has created an expanding falling wedge, according to prominent crypto YouTuber Crypto Zombie, which sometimes produces a final half collapse before shooting off to retest highs with $40,000 in goal. If the level is broken, the bull market will almost certainly resume with considerably greater vigor than previously.

Crypto Zombie observes that similar conditions in the past have resulted in a break out, with Bitcoin price presently in a spreading bottom wedge. Based on the moment at which Bitcoin began forming the most recent expanding falling wedge, the bearish and bullish paths might lead to Bitcoin trading at roughly $52,000.

Bitcoin has hit a crucial support level near the $30,000 mark in the midst of the collapse.
The price has been stifling the cryptocurrency’s attempts to fall since January.
It’s worth noting that the level was a crucial criterion for drawing interest in the item.

Bitcoin has formed a possible expanding falling wedge as a result of the decline, with bears failing to drive the price per BTC below $30,000 and bulls similarly feeble.

If Bitcoin is able to recapture the $40,000 barrier, the bull market will most certainly regain its pace.

It’s worth noting that if the bullish reversal happens, it’ll be the deciding factor in determining whether or not Bitcoin is in a bear market.

Meld A Cardano-based DeFi Gets 100M Staked Tokens

In only three days, Meld, a new decentralized financial system that emerged on the Cardano (ADA) blockchain, managed to stake 100 million of its native currency MELD.

Meld announced the milestone on Twitter, with the achievement contributing to the DeFi protocol’s goal of providing services for staking bitcoin as collateral for fiat loans.

According to Meld, it aims to reach the world’s unbanked, while depending on Cardano to target nations with a large crypto population.

Meld’s approach requires customers to deposit cryptocurrency that will be locked in the account before borrowing loans backed by Cardano based on the locked collateral.

In the case of Cardano, you do a soft link of the asset from your wallet to the stake pool. So youโ€™re pledging or youโ€™re voting with your tokens. Your tokens always stay or your coins always stay in your wallet, but theyโ€™re locked up and they canโ€™t be used for anything else,

Ken Olling, CEO of Meld

Meld permitted token holders to commit over 620 million ADA, almost $1 billion, in order to create the groundwork for the system. As a result, the platform was able to raise $10 million through a private token sale as part of a fundraising round.

Meld also used the ISPO crowdfunding model, with the staking pool quickly filling up with 64 million ADA. Within five days, the ISPO had four additional pools opened that filled up with 133 million ADA.

Users will be open to choose between a six-month lock or 12 months with a 12 percent and a 15 percent annual percentage rate, respectively.

Meld has also worked with Tingo, an African mobile operator, to incorporate the app.
In addition, the DeFi protocol is collaborating with Polygon, Vent Finance, and ADAmatic to link the Polygon and Cardano blockchains.

New Crypto Malware Targets Browser Wallet Extensions

New malware that can corrupt crypto wallets and extensions has been discovered, putting investors at risk of being hacked.

A type of malware known as Mars Stealer โ€” an upgraded version of information bootlegger Oski Stealer โ€“ has surfaced to prey on web browsers, crypto extensions, and crypto wallets, according to a new blog post by network security specialist 3xp0rt.

Internet Explorer, Firefox, Microsoft Edge, and Thunderbird are some of the most common online browsers that are affected by the infection.

It also targets wallets like Bitcoin Core and its derivatives, as well as crypto extensions like MetaMask, TronLink, Binance Chain Wallet, and Coinbase Wallet. MultiDoge and Ethereum wallets might also be harmed in the future.

The virus, according to 3xp0rt, only targets crypto extensions on browsers that use Chromium instead of Opera.

Mars Stealer, according to the cybersecurity expert, works by gaining access to a computer’s internal library files and performing a sophisticated sequence of technical code reconfigurations to carry out its tasks.

According to 3xp0rt:

Mars Stealer is an improved version of Oski Stealer. [It] has added [functionality]: anti-debug check, crypto extension stealing, but Outlook stealing is missing. The code has been refactored, but some algorithm remained stupid as in Oski Stealer.

The virus targets sensitive data saved in the wallet.dat file to steal a user’s wallet information. According to the internet security expert, the file contains information such as the address and private key access data. A grabber, loader, and self-removal function are also included in the virus.

Whales Seen Accumulating Cardano (ADA)

Despite the recent price movement for ADA, according to on-chain analytics firm IntoTheBlock, Cardano millionaire addresses are aggressively acquiring. After falling to $0.92 on Jan. 22, ADA has been trading sideways. ADA was trading at $1.06 at the time of publishing.

In just the first month of 2022, the amount owned by addresses with 1-10 million ADA has climbed by 40.65 percent, according to IntoTheBlock. These addresses now possess 24.87 percent of the circulating supply, which is at 33.57 billion ADA, according to the report.

Diverse levels of whales appear to be accumulating in ADA. Since mid-December 2021, the number of Cardano addresses having a balance of 10,000 to 1,000,000 ADA has surged by a whopping 15,000 percent. In late January, these group of investors increased their holdings by $53.6 million in tokens.