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Change Default Template in Inkscape for Windows 10

Change Default Template in Inkscape for Windows 10

Recently, I’ve been doing some vector and animations, It’s for my new android app for the stock market. Every time I open Inkscape1, it always greeted me with the default template. The next thing I do is change the document properties to the way I want, and it became a chore.

Every child is an artist. The problem is how to remain an artist once we grow up.

— Pablo Picasso.

So, I searched the internet on how to basically set the default template to my liking.

Steps to change the default template

  1. Create a new document and set its document properties which can be found on File > Document Properties.
  2. It will show a simple dialog which is this.
  1. In the dialog do what you like. Modify it based on what you want to see everytime you open Inkscape.
  2. After that, do a File > Save As... and save it to your local user inkscape directory which will be in C:\Users\<your-user>\AppData\Roaming\Inkscape\template
  1. Save it as default.svg. Then restart Inkscape for changes to take effect.

Enjoy that’s all. 🍂

  1. Inkscape is a free and open-source vector graphics editor used to create vector images, primarily in Scalable Vector Graphics (SVG) format. Other formats can be imported and exported. ↩︎