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Headache And P90X Training

Headache And P90X Training

Today I woke up early with a mild headache. Even though I do have a mild headache, I still continue my early workout routine. I’ve mostly finished my 4×3 push-up reps, and some ab core cruncher. I usually followed the P90X (a commercial exercise which is popular around 2007’ish) routine.

Later afternoon, I went back to coding my own project. Then I saw a YT (YouTube) video on how to dance the hip-hop style. I tried a few beginners dance steps, it was easy. It was just 3 form dance pose routine that anyone could do. I danced and followed the tutorial for about an hour and practiced it for another hour or so. It’s not that hard so I didn’t sweat a lot, one thing I noticed is I’m kind of slow or have some delay when following the dance instructions and doing the formations.

At night, mostly I just worked on my own project then at dinner time just ordered some food on a fast-food chain. I think that sums up all the things I did that day.

❌ Originally posted on January 24, 2020.